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The beautiful AngelOfGrace is one of the many Vet’s on Beam who has the lucky ability to stream while at work. One of the things that I find interesting is that AngelOfGrace has also been streaming and producing content an incredibly long time. Just her hundreds of YouTube videos go back over 4 years – let alone her Twitch experience. We are so happy to have her on the Xtremes team adding her experience and knowledge to our collection of great streamers. Read on, and discover more!

AngelOfGrace Looking Amazing!


What did you last eat?
I had a simple dinner with my husband while we were catching up on the second season of The Last King on Netflix. A French onion soup, with oven baked asparagus on the side, sweet potatoes, and glass of water.

Share a little about yourself..
I am a French Canadian, who is now living (well for the past 12 years or so) in an English Province call Ontario. My military life brought me here with my very first posting to Kingston (Ontario) and been moving around a few times in the same province. For me it doesn’t matter where i live as long as i have my husband by my side, and plenty of nature, since I am definitely not a city girl. I’m level 41 (okay, okay 41 years old, gosh! lol), happily married for 8 years to my husband Hanh who move to Canada as a refugee of war back in 1979. We met online and are one of those success stories for eHarmony, it’s true!

Let’s see, what else, I had a fantastic life until i got injured in the Army, and therefore was medically released 4 years ago. My body, mind, and emotions are not what they used to be unfortunately. I have not gone to war, but life in the Army is no easy task either. I paid the price, by getting myself injured during our annual BFT (Battle Fit Test) which includes a 13km ruck sac march in FFO which comes to 55-60 pounds (in less then 2 hours and 20 min), dig up a trench (in less then 6 min), and casualty evacuation (carry a person on a stretcher for 100 meters in FFO). I finished it but the next day i was at the hospital unable to walk. I had surgery in both legs for “compartment syndrome” but the surgery was based on a wrong diagnosis from the specialist, and unfortunately for me i was unable to continue my duty, and was released without pension (because less than 10 years of service) and no compensation from Veterans Affairs, as they deny more than 90% of the cases.

Today i am struggling with anxiety disorder and PTSD (which as yet to be accepted by the Army). Since i cannot function in a normal work environment, the only income falls upon my husband’s shoulder. I am a superintendent of an apartment building of 33 units. And have been streaming full time on Beam since December, 2016 (2 and a half years on Twitch, and 4 years of YT).

Have you ever bought something online and instantly regretted it?
Yes, very recently Mass Effect: Andromeda. No comment on how i am sad about the product, and NO it has nothing to do with all the racism comments people were talking about LOL.

101 variations of Space Invaders

Can you remember the first game that you played?
Oh dear goodness gracious…. let me see here… I believe it was Atari, and the game was Space Invaders! Wow i feel old now! I was playing this with my nerdy cousin who had the console, i was so jealous of him too lol Good old times….can we go back there?

You’re favorite game ever: What is it?
Wow this is a very difficult questions….I love video games! But if I can only refer the video games that brought me joy, hours of fun and frustration at times, sleeping over at friends house to play more games, i would say any games on the NES. The 80’s were glorious for a child like me. We loved playing outside, building castle in the woods, riding our BMX bikes, and hanging out in our friends basement playing NES. I have good memories about the games back than, not that the ones today are not good, but as we’re talking about favorite games i have an emotional connection with,  that would be NES games. I am an old fashion kinda girl I guess!

Beam, What brought you to Beam? Why choose streaming as a hobby?
I believe i answered a little bit on that in my first statement. Because of my anxiety (PTSD) i am no longer able to function in a normal work environment. I was making YouTube videos for a while, when i decided to try live streaming full time, and so began my new passion of sharing my love of video games, life experiences to the world through Twitch. I found Beam in December last year, and was absolutely enchanted by the community, and decided to move officially and exclusively to Beam on December 14th, 2016. I have never regretted this decision so far, and loving every minute, well unless Beam’s hamster is not cooperating with his work lol

Best BMX Ever! (I had a chopper)

What was it about the Xtremes team that inspired you to come across?
Muhahaha! No unfortunately i wasn’t bribed with pizza, and beer! In fact, i am already a person that loves to help others, and I believe that my reputation kinda made it’s way around on Beam. I already knew a few people that are part of the Xtremes team, and have picked at their brain as well many times. One of them told me i should apply to be part of the Xtremes team. I was like “oh really?” and then i went on and filled up the application. I didn’t expect to be contacted so soon for an interview with “the man” Lagby on Discord. I felt blessed to have met such a great bunch of people who love to help others, for the simple reward of a smile and making the person happy! And boom voila, I was part of the team. It was humbling to have an opportunity to be part of something great!

Have you ever had a bad experience while streaming? What did you do to cope with it?
To be honest i haven’t had many bad experiences here on Beam, although i must confess that with the new Xbox kids some are really offensive and mouthy. I had really bad experiences on Twitch though, and it was very difficult for me not to take it personally, even though i knew that it wasn’t and that i shouldn’t take any of those comments too seriously. I can blame my anxiety for this 100%. It would get so bad at times, that i couldn’t sleep at night. Not necessarily from the comment itself, but i wish i had said this in response, or that, etc. In over 2 years of full time streaming I got better with this, and I take those comment very differently. Don’t feed the trolls, I ban (or mods ban) fast, and we move on. I actually, feel sad and sorry for these people who feel the need to be mean. They have to be really unhappy in life!

Watch out for moving bushes!

If someone comes into your channel while you’re streaming, what makes them a great viewer?
It is pretty easy to be an adventurer (viewers/followers on my channel) in my chat. I love to interact with them, so i guess a great viewer is someone who will chit-chat with me, ask questions about the game, or questions about me, or on different subject. Although, everything as to follow the rules guideline. A viewer who respects me, and the others in the chat. I also love my lurkers, they are also awesome as well, but i like to be able to see the chat going; everyone interacting with each others. A healthy and alive chat makes me happy because it means they like to spend time in the channel, and friendships are often born this way as well. I love you my adventurers!

We all get streaming slumps, and quiet days – how do you deal with it, what’s your advice for someone going through that?
We all do get these bad days, regardless if you are streaming or not, it is part of life. I know – sorry to burst everyone’s bubble but ya it happens. Can we avoid those days….hmmm not really, sometimes things happens that are out of our control, and can’t be avoided. Now is that a reason to stop/quit everything, NO! But you can take a few days off, recharge your battery, and start afresh. I know it sounds super easy, and it is not, but it is possible to go through hardship and win a few battles. In my community, I have people I can talk to in order to vent a little, or a lot. I have also my husband who is a wonderful listener, and helps me so much to feel safe and loved. I would say, to talk/chat to people in community, to have family and friends shoulder close by to cry on. Oh and stop, relax, and breathe. You are capable, we are all capable of beautiful things. We are humans, we are survivors!

As a member of the Xtremes team, you are responsible for upholding our brand ethics and reputation, has this changed your attitude to the way you stream or affected you in any way?
I would say no! What you see on stream, is exactly how i am in my everyday life! I am proud to be part of a team, where i can sense great power of generosity, and have the desire to build and uphold the Beam community. I think it is a perfect fit for me.

How would you like the Xtremes team to grow? Any thoughts on the direction you want it to take.
I believe that the team that we have at the moment of this interview is amazing, and is perfect the way it is. Of course, we can add and improve things, there is nothing wrong with growing better and stronger. But, I can say that getting “too” big of a team might actually not be beneficial in the long run since it would almost feel like an “enterprise” and not a team. I believe in the group that we have right now, people who love the community and each other!

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