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We’ve found another person on the xtremes team that’s recently gobbled up some ‘Mac ‘n’ Cheese’. We’re not knocking this, it provides a fast and filling snack before or after those long streams, with fast prep time. While I work on super quick recipes for streamers – lets find out a lot more about our Kjasi, our awesome streamer who’s got an actual arcade machine in his bedroom!

Kjasi ready to game!

its very exotic!

Macaroni and Cheese

What did you last eat?
Home-made Mac and Cheese. (The baked kind.) Colored red, for fun!

Share a little about yourself.
Hi guys! I’m Kjasi, currently single, and I’m from the pacific coast of Washington State in the USA. I used to live in Southern Washington, but had to move about 2 and a half years ago. It’s been a bit of an adjustment. The hardest part was that the best non-cable internet I can get is 7mbps down, 3mbps up. (Before the move, I had 25mbps down…) My earliest streams were done with the 3mbps up internet, and it was awful, quality-wise. I switched to Comcast over a year ago, and now I get 125mbps down, 10mbps up, which is perfect for my streaming! I wish I could get Fiber, but my town is very small, so Comcast is my only option right now. (Hurry up CenturyLink!) I live at home with my parents, sister and two (sometimes three) dogs. I don’t make a lot of money, so I do this to save costs. Plus they often need my help… It makes things hard to stream sometimes, but I push on! What’s really hard for me is the monthly shopping trip. Because of where we live, we have to make a major shopping trip early in the month. 1 hour drive into the nearest city to go to stores like Winco and Costco, buy everything we think we’ll need for the month, and drive it back (another hour) often leaves me feeling so drained I can’t stream that day. I try to get it to happen on my days off, but when I can’t, I often have to cancel my stream for that night. It’s one time a month, so it’s not that bad…

Kjasi dreams of seeing this

When I’m taking some down time, I like watching the CW’s super-hero lineup (Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow), I watch a number of YouTubers, currently the Overwatch related guys, like Zylbrad, Muselk, Tyrodin, Unit-Lost and Rage Gaming. When I’m into ARK, I love Slipgator and KingDaddyDMAC. And when I feel the urge to be creative, I either program (I’m helping with Overtool, a program to extract the Overwatch models), work on my WoW Addons (which I’ll list later on for people) or load up Unreal Engine and work on one of my projects.

Completion Awaits!

Have you ever bought something online and instantly regretted it?
Not really. I’m often very careful about what I buy online, researching it, and carefully selecting it. There are things that I now wish I hadn’t bought, or wish I had bought elsewhere, but the closest thing to buying something I quickly regretted would be my EX Model SCV-70 White Base model kit. (A 1/1700 scale model of the main spaceship from the original Mobile Suit Gundam.) I’ve wanted this for a while, and I was on a back-order wait-list for nearly 3 years for it. I’ve all but moved on from model kit work since the move, (not enough room, or time) but when I got an email about it being in stock and being held for me a few weeks ago, I felt compelled to buy it. I shouldn’t have, as I don’t know if I’ll ever assemble it, or even really look at it, but it’s sitting here next to my far left monitor, just peeking out, like “Would you like to assemble me? I’m right here…”

I also kinda regret the Pre-Order I just made for Middle Earth: Shadow of War Mithril Edition for PC, (hard to find in stock) but I know I’ll love both it and the extras, so it’ll probably be worth it.

RCR – snes

Can you remember the first game that you played?
The earliest game I can recall is a 2-player cat & mouse game from the mid 1980s. The goal was for Player 1 (the cat) to catch Player 2 (the mouse) before Player 2 could get to the cheese. I don’t remember the name, or what system it was for, but I remember it had a beige/orange background. I can’t seem to find anything about it on the Internet right now… Anyways, I often played it with my childhood friend, before he got an NES. (At which point we played Super Mario Bros. and River City Ransom) I got my first console in 1989. My dad bought me a Nintendo Entertainment System with Mario, Duck Hunt, and Track and Field. I still have that NES and it still works. The gun and the track pad have long since stopped working. I don’t think I even have them anymore.

The first arcade game that I KNOW I played a lot of was Street Fighter II. I’m sure there were others before it, but that’s the first I can clearly recall. I love arcade games, and even started collecting them. Now I just sleep with a Terminator 2 Arcade game at my feet, literally. Lots more to collect, but I’m currently out of room. Would LOVE to get a pinball someday. (A solid-state one, with digital read-out numbers, not a mechanical one that was common before the mid 1970s.)

You’re favorite game ever: What is it?
The game I have always categorized as my all-time favorite is probably the same as millions of other people: Final Fantasy 7. Even though it’s graphics are laughable in this day and age, it still has a better story than most of the games that have been released lately. When the PC version of FF7 was released in 1997, it was one of the first true 3D PC games I got to play on my own personal computer. Such great humor, such great characters, so much fun… I have yet to find a game that can match or even top it, although Final Fantasy X came close… As you might expect, I’m VERY much looking forwards to the remastered edition, but I will only play it on PC (as I don’t have, nor do I want, a PS4). I’ll have to wait at least a year for the PC version (due to a Playstation exclusivity deal that lasts for 1 year after publication) but you can bet I’ll be doing a few streams of it when it is finally released.

Twilight Princess

Best Gameplay Category: Shadow of Mordor. I honestly can’t think of a game with better gameplay than this. There are ones with better visuals, ones with more story, (both of which are important) but this one plays the best.
Best Sci-Fi (Space) Category: This is a tie: Wing Commander 4 and Freelancer. I love Chris Roberts games. The only reason these are tied is because Star Citizen is not yet fully featured. Wing Commander 4 was a great mix of game-play and movies, producing a very different style of gameplay, and an amazing story that could be changed by your actions. Freelancer was similar, but in a much more vast universe, and of course, modding it was a lot of fun. (Both of which will be a part of Star Citizen.)
Best Console Category: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Visually, the most pleasing Zelda game in the entire series. I’m not a fan of the “cell-shaded” look used by Wind Waker and Breath of the Wild, and the use of the (at the time) new and unique controller was refreshing. I still play this game with a Wii Remote, even when emulating it.

Beam, What brought you to Beam?
When I first decided to start streaming, I took a good look at all the options. Beam had JUST started to do a kind of open beta, and I wasn’t quite sure it would of been the best place for me. It looked too new, and I thought I probably wouldn’t have had the audience I would of wanted. Turns out, this was around the time Lagby joined Beam. Flash forwards about 9 months; I had been multi-streaming to Twitch, Hitbox, YouTube, and a few others using, and I looked at their options for other places to stream to. Beam was one of the options and I thought “Why not? Let’s expand my brand.” After joining Beam, I was blown away by the community, and the other streamers. It wasn’t long before I chose to shut down my other accounts, and stream to Beam exclusively.

Why did I choose streaming? To be honest, I’ve seen a lot of people share their game-playing on Twitch and YouTube, and even go on to make a career out of it. I figured I could do the same; Have fun doing something, and make money doing it. It was nearly impossible to do on Twitch, since you almost literally need to compete for, and horde, viewers. That is one the refreshing things I love about Beam; We share our viewers freely. My stream has seen some ups and downs with playtime, and on-air time. I used to only stream for about 2 hours a day. Back then, I did it every day. Now I stream for 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. I wish I could stream more, but I’m often eating dinner just before I start my stream, and I have to end at/around midnight, so I can get up for work the next day. I also need a day or two off so I can do projects after work, and aren’t scrambling to get them done before (or ON) my stream. I’m hoping that one day I can make enough to do streaming full-time, but that’s probably 2-4 years down the road, at best. (Prove me wrong internet!) But even if I never make enough to live on, I still enjoy streaming, and sharing games. The interaction with viewers is always welcomed and adds an element of fun to my stream. When no one is interacting, I do my best to be entertaining, but sometimes I have to let the game speak for itself. I’m not a fan of talking over storylines in games… Of course, then there are the times I get so into the game, that I forget to talk to my audience. But I’m working on that, and I’m getting better.

Play of the Game

What was it about the Xtremes team that inspired you to come across?
A lot of streamers that I know were either founding members or already a member of Xtremes. I’d been looking for a good team to join to help expand my viewer-base, but most of the ones I qualify for weren’t quite what I wanted. Despite my hesitations, I applied for membership when I heard that Lagby, Firebottle, and BizzoMephisto had grouped together to form a new team. I’m not entirely sure why they accepted my application… My best guess is that since most of them knew me, and they knew that since I stream late at night on Pacific time, they felt I would be a good addition. Whatever their reasons for accepting me, I’m very grateful that they did. Xtremes is a great team, and it focuses on a kind and sharing community.

Have you ever had a bad experience while streaming?
In my second or third week of streaming on Twitch, I got trolled hard. A guy got a hold of my home address, got online, and ordered multiple pepperoni pizzas to my house, DURING the stream. Now, I don’t like pepperoni pizza, (I prefer Canadian bacon and mushroom, or a good cheese) but the worst part was, I was expected to pay for them. I had to explain to both the drivers (he sent two different pizza places to me) that they were sent to me as a prank. If he had paid for them, I might have of accepted them, but…

I reported all three of the accounts he used to Twitch, did some research on how he might of gotten my address, and did what I could to mitigate people’s ability to replicate such an event in the future. So far, so good. As for how it affected me, it’s made me WAY more paranoid about giving other people access to my information. It’s part of the reason I have such a problem (intellectually) with Windows 10. I am not looking forwards to any sort of repeat of this event…

If someone comes into your channel while you’re streaming, what makes them a great viewer?
Mostly, I just want my viewers to interact with me. Ask me questions, respond to my response, try to make me laugh. It just makes my stream that much more enjoyable when people interact. I also love it when my viewers push me to do something, like play a specific game, or try my hand at baking cookies on stream! (THAT was both fun and exhausting!) I’ve been giving some consideration to doing a sequel of that stream… But generally, just come by, and have fun with me! (And let me know that you’re having fun!)

We all get streaming slumps, and quiet days – what’s your advice for someone going through that?
My advice is what I do: just keep talking. Or if you don’t want to talk too much, play a game with voice acting and a good story. Then MST3K the shit out of it! You’ve got to be able to make yourself laugh and enjoy the stream, if nothing else. Don’t cancel streams because you’re in a slump! That’ll just compound the issue. If no one is watching, then do it for the VOD. Imagine talking to the people watching the stream a day or two from now.

As a member of the Xtremes team, you are responsible for upholding our brand ethics and reputation, has this changed your attitude to the way you stream or affected you in any way?
Not really. I was already mostly aligned with the views of the Xtremes team from the start. The thing I do differently is I try to raid at the end of my stream more often.

How would you like the Xtremes team to grow?
Having Xtremes being sponsored by gaming companies, or game-equipment manufacturers, or even streaming equipment manufacturers would go a long way towards improving everyone’s streams. Ensuring that everyone has a quality mic and camera would help improve most streams.

Most of the people in Xtremes team are already so helpful, and many are willing to go that extra mile to help a friend, myself included. When I’m asked, I do whatever I can to help out!

So other than sponsorship, I don’t see many ways that the Xtremes team NEEDS to grow… We’re already pretty damn awesome. But still, Xtremes Team meetups at cons sound amazing. I’m hoping to meet a few of them at PAX West this year…

So before I close out, I had mentioned some of the WoW addons that I develop. All of them can be accessed at

First off, my favorites:
-Watto: A mass buying and selling addon. Gets rid of your junk items in a single button press, and also changes the way you buy multiple items.
-Appearances: A newer addon of mine that tells you if you are missing an item’s appearance, and who can use it. Very helpful for collectors!
-MiniMount: My simple addon for mounting a random mount, based on skill and location! More intuitive that Blizzard’s standard random mount button.
-QuestReward: When finishing a quest, this addon auto-selects the highest paying item for you. Useful when running old content. Also links up with Watto to autosell the selected item!

I also have a few other minor addons on that site. Not all of them are fully functional…

So that’s the end of my interview! I do hope you all enjoyed the brief look into my mind, and I hope you’ll all stop by my stream! I run Friday to Tuesday, 8pm to Midnight(ish) pacific time! See you then!

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