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Meatoozy was recently seen completing the very latest Zelda game, don’t worry if you missed it – no doubt there will be several more play through’s. We managed to catch him in-between sessions and pop him our list of questions so you can find out just a little more about the wonderful guy behind the controller.

Our very own Meatoozy

What did you last eat?
Unfortunately I am a sucker for fast food when I’m on the road working so I had myself a delicious Frisco Breakfast Sandwich from Hardees. It has ham, egg and 2 different cheeses on sourdough!!

A round sandwich – Wizardry!

Share a little about yourself.
Currently I live in Norfolk, VA in the good ol USA. The wife and I are looking to move south down to Georgia. Virginia is not too bad. I have lived here my entire life and almost my entire family live here as well. I love being here because I am about 10 minutes from the oceanfront which is so nice to go to during our hot summers. And we also have an amusement park about 45 minutes away as well which is so much fun to go to with the family. The winter here is miserable tho. I live in a area that could easily have all 4 seasons in 1 week. This week is a perfect example. Friday it snowed, Saturday I was in shorts and Sunday it was freezing again. It absolutely destroys my allergies. So hopefully this summer I can take the wife, daughter, dog and ferret and move us all down to Georgia where it’s warm most of the year. So for now I keep myself busy on those super cold days hanging out indoors and meeting new faces on Beam, interacting with the friends I already have on Beam or getting a stream in myself. As a full time truck driver, I still get to make time to have the streaming schedule I want. I have a very understanding and accepting wife and she knows my passion for gaming and streaming and is 100% supportive of me (hopefully) making this a career. It’s because of her that I am very fortunate to be able to call everyone I have met on Beam a friend.

Have you ever bought something online and instantly regretted it?
Oh boy, the joys of alcohol on a Friday right after you get paid. There are some XBOX and Steam purchases I have made that I instantly regretted. You’re looking at someone

A copy for everyone!

that has paid for GTA V four times now!! And I am fairly sure that’s not the worst thing I have purchased!

Can you remember the first game that you played?
I will never forget this. Growing up I remember my grandma had a little arcade game she kept on the dining room table. She would play that thing for hours. It only had one game on it, Q-Bert. I spent many, many, many hours playing it. I watched her beat it about a hundred times and I was never able to get past the 3 level. One of my favorite memories of her.

Name the Tune!

You’re favorite game ever: What is it?
If anyone knows me at all they know that I am one of the biggest Zelda fans around. Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64 is by far my favorite game. I remember spending an entire summer going over to my cousins house to play it. It took us 3 months to finally beat it and it was one of the most satisfying moments in my life (at the time). I look back at that summer as one of my favorite memories as a kid. I actually love the Zelda franchise so much that my entire right arm is a zelda tattoo sleeve. Looking at my arm really does remind me of the summer playing Ocarina of Time and the fun I had with my family playing it.

Q*Bert – Old School

Beam, What brought you to Beam?
Like a lot of streamers, I made the switch to Beam after being a streamer on Twitch for nearly 2 years. Twitch just wasn’t going in the direction I was hoping. The community was following along with the flow of Twitch and I was going a separate way. So after talking with some other Twitch streamers, we all decided to come over to Beam. After 4 months, I can honestly say we made the right decision. I was welcomed with open arms. Gaming is just what I do, I love every second of it. I love going into other channels and either seeing my friends or meeting new faces. I love going live and being able to talk to all the schmexy faces that come into my channel. The community we have is so amazing and I am loving the growth.

What was it about the Xtremes team that inspired you to come across?
What the Xtremes team stands for is what made me apply. What I was looking for in the 2 years I was at Twitch was right in my face over at Beam the entire time. When I first came across Lagby and Bizzo, and heard their message, I knew that’s something I wanted to be a part of. And I am very grateful for the opportunity.

Zelda captured.. Again!

Have you ever had a bad experience while streaming?
I think it’s safe to say that most full time streamers have had more than one bad experience. I am very lucky to have great friends and mods that look out for me while I am streaming. We have all had to deal with trolls from time to time but I am getting better about not letting them bother me at all. I would say the thing that irritates me the most when I am streaming is having any kind of tech issues (internet crapping out, OBS not cooperating or just a game crashing). But if that’s the worst thing that’s gonna happen to me then I am blessed it’s not any worse.

If someone comes into your channel while you’re streaming, what makes them a great viewer?
Anyone willing to give up their personal time to come into my channel and watch my face is amazing (not including trolls of course). The viewers I get in my channel are so great. I have my regulars that I can count on almost nightly and they make my stream so much easier cuz they are a riot and are so fun and easy to talk to.
I can easily say that I am blessed that the little community I have are all friends with each other and they all get along with each other in my channel. And when someone new comes in and sees how positive my chat is, it makes them feel welcome and comfortable talking, and that’s something I want for every viewer to feel. We all love our lurkers, but I want everyone to feel like they can come in and jump right into any conversation we have and won’t be ignored.

We all get streaming slumps, and quiet days – how do you deal with it?
This is very true, we all have days where either no one shows up, or you are just not on your A game and it shows in either your attitude or gameplay. The best thing I do is either find a game to put me in a better mood or rely on my awesome friends in my stream. It really helps for me to open up my voice chat in Discord so I can bring people in to talk to me. The one thing I will never do is shut anyone out. To me, opening yourself up to others and relying on your friends will help you get thru the harder times of streaming. Use your friends, people, cuz they wouldn’t be a friend if you couldn’t go to them when you are down. 🙂

You got this!

As a member of the Xtremes team, you are responsible for upholding our brand ethics and reputation, has this changed your attitude to the way you stream or affected you in any way?
Not at all. What the Xtremes team stands for is exactly how I have conducted myself in my own channel and also how I represent myself when I am going into other streams. If anything I think it has made me want to go out even more and meet new people and lend a hand to new streamers coming to Beam.

How would you like the Xtremes team to grow?
Answering this question is not on my pay grade. HAHA! Actually I can’t think of a way for the team to grow any faster than it is growing. I think the message we send and what we represent is why we have grown to where we are now. I am proud to call myself a member of the Xtremes, and if it blows up to be something completely massive I think that would be amazing. I have no problem whatsoever if the team were to get sponsored as long as our message stays the same, and I have all the confidence in the world that it will.

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