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We love Texas! The huge open roads that go on forever, oil derricks, 10 gallon hats and huge trucks; all the glitz and glamour of Dallas. We’re not there today – instead we travel to Kansas, land of open fields, tornadoes, and one of the largest agricultural states in the entire US. It’s on an important part of the Oregon Trail where we discover Pavilon Gaming and find out what makes Beam and the community so special.

Game face at the ready!


Got any left?

What did you last eat?
Garlic and herb marinated pork chops….and yes…they were delishush!!!

Share a little about yourself.
I was born and raised in the great state of Texas, but currently live in Kansas. I joined the Air Force right out of high school and did a 5 year tour, then got out for a couple of years. After my daughter was born I realized that medical insurance was really expensive lol, so I went back to the military, this time in the Army. Uncle Sam thought Kansas was a great place to send a Texan, and I’m still here. I do hope to move back to Texas in the next few years though. I am currently a full time student and streamer. I am going to college for a degree in Computer Networking and am using my Veterans benefits to continue my education. Being disabled, while it sucks to not breathe real well due to a lung disease, does offer me the chance to stay at home instead of working a full time job due to my disability compensation. I currently use streaming to fill up a lot of my free time, otherwise I would probably go crazy lol.

Have you ever bought something online and instantly regretted it?
I recently bought a Blue Yeti from Best Buy online. I thought since it had so many great reviews I would give it a shot, but I absolutely hated it. Took it back to Best Buy this weekend and picked up a new headset. I will be ordering a new mic on my next paycheck.

Mario never found height an issue

Can you remember the first game that you played?
Wow…this is probably going to make me sound a bit old, but I think my first video game was Pong when I was around 5 or 6 years old. This led my dad to scraping the the money together to buy me a Nintendo….not a Wii or GameCube, but the original Nintendo Entertainment System….. come to think of it…Maybe that’s why I don’t breathe well today….I must have spent all my good air blowing dust out of those cartridges!!!

You’re favorite game ever: What is it?
My favorite game would probably be Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. I remember taking my PS2 to work when I was working on the flightline in the Air Force. We had a lot of downtime then so about 30 of us would huddle around the TV in the break room and take turns getting flawless victories and fatalities. It really brought my unit closer together, and helped us pass the time.

Beam, What brought you to Beam?
I first got into recording myself back when I played World of Warcraft. I had a bunch of guildies at the time who wanted to customize their UI but didn’t know how. So I made a tutorial series going through setting one up. I really wish I would have known to monetize those videos back then because I’ve had 100k views across those 5 videos!! A little while later I began streaming to Justin TV, then Twitch. Some friends of mine were talking about Beam one day so I decided to check it out. After about a month of dual streaming I decided that Beam was the place for me and started streaming only to Beam. The community here is amazing and I really enjoy being a part of that.

Wooah those heels!

What was it about the Xtremes team that inspired you to come across?
I love that the team is focused on making this platform as good as it can be. I really enjoy seeing members supporting each other in many different ways. The values that the team projects and lives by are very much the same as mine. I love helping people and I love the fact that the Xtremes have that as their primary goal.

Have you ever had a bad experience while streaming?
I have had to deal with the occasional troll over my career as a streamer, but I wouldn’t really say they were bad experiences. I just ban the trolls and move on. It’s really not worth stressing over, and if they are able to get a rise out of you then in their mind they won. So I just get rid of them and move on so that they don’t effect the fun of my other viewers.

If someone comes into your channel while you’re streaming, what makes them a great viewer?
The fact that they are there to start with makes them great. I value all of my viewers, the regulars, the lurkers, and even the ones who only pop in from time to time. As for what they can do, keep coming back and share the word!! One of the best ways to spread word of any channel is person to person. You tell your friends, they tell theirs…then growth happens!! Also, I love for my viewers to give me feedback on what they want to see on the channel or what they don’t like. While I may not always change everything, I will always take any feedback into consideration.

Ride the invisible Dino!

We all get streaming slumps, and quiet days – how do you deal with it?
Just keep your head up and push through. Don’t stop talking, and don’t get discouraged. Persistence will bring you viewers!! Always talk, even if there is nobody showing in your channel. A little note, if you are watching someone’s channel from the stream team page you don’t show up on their bot, so they don’t know you are there. This also means that just because you aren’t seeing any viewers doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Be sure to enable VODs also and remember, you are talking to those viewers too!

As a member of the Xtremes team, you are responsible for upholding our brand ethics and reputation, has this changed your attitude to the way you stream or affected you in any way?
That’s the great thing about the Xtremes, the group has the same values that I push and strive to uphold every day. This means I just keep being me. If I had to change the way I am, I don’t think I would have been a good fit for the team. I think of the Xtremes as a group of like minded individuals, and like to think we all have those values and principles from the start.

How would you like the Xtremes team to grow?
I would love to see more collab’s between members. I think of teams as a community, and I like to interact with that community in more ways than just watching each other play games. I would love to get some team servers going for some games that we could all play together.

I have a blast streaming, and I hope all of my viewers do too. I want to thank all of the Beam community for the support and love that they show everyone, not just me. This is an amazing platform, an amazing community, and I am honored to be a small little part of a great group of people.

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