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Kentucky, a state in the US with rich and fertile soil. It’s also the location of the Mammoth-Flint Ridge cave system, which runs at four hundred and five explored miles (wow!). It’s the biggest known underground cave system in the entire world. One member of our team that you may be lucky enough to bump into outside the caves is Phantomlover who, I’m sure, translates her experience of visiting real caves to exploring boss dungeons in WoW. Read on to find out more!

Ready to game!

What did you last eat?

Tasty cheesecake!

Cheesecake with a triple berry glaze.. mmmmm

Share a little about yourself
I live in Kentucky, and we have basically two seasons, summer, and winter. During what’s supposed to be fall and spring, summer and winter have battles to see what temperature to make it. For instance: it was 78 degrees Fahrenheit two days ago, and today it’s 49 degrees Fahrenheit. I have two cats as my viewers and friends know, Phoebe and Minnie! Here lately my life has made it impossible to allow me to stream. A lot has happened in my real life the last couple of months but I’m looking forward to being able to stream with regularity again. When I do have my streaming schedule I work it around school and work, making sure on days that I have homework due, I don’t stream so that I’m more focused on the schoolwork. Unfortunately, I have no double life, I’m pretty boring. I like a wide variety of TV shows and movies, but it can be almost guaranteed that if it has a good soundtrack, I’ll like it ?? .

Have you ever bought something online and instantly regretted it?
Actually, I haven’t! I spend a LOT of time and energy deciding on purchases. Usually my significant other has to let me know that it’s ok to spend money on myself. HOWEVER, there is something that my significant other got online that I instantly regretted HIM getting. He invested in a homemade yogurt maker on Kickstarter and so they sent us one…never used it. The process to make homemade yogurt was way too complicated for me. I’ll never let him live that one down.

Very few get this far

Can you remember the first game that you played?
The first game that I ever remember playing was Super Mario World and Super Mario All Stars on SNES. I played those games for hours on end and for years and years. I wish I still had them now. I have a lot of memories playing those games.

You’re favorite game ever: What is it?
Favorite game EVER?! Such a cruel question. I could name my favorite games from various points in my life, but as of right NOW. I would say my favorite game is Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. I have bought it on Origin, Steam, and on PS3. Greatly underrated game in my opinion, great story line and very fun.

Beam, What brought you to Beam?
Actually I moved over to beam with a group of friends, Wolfstar76 (Fellow Xtremes Team Member) among them. I had been moderating for Mister Wolfstar76 for years and me and my fellow mods were tired of trying to help him with puzzle games, only to remember that we were about 30 seconds behind the stream and it was frustrating. That’s why our whole group of friends decided to search for an alternative with less delay and we found Beam.

The cutest fox/ghost thing ever!

What was it about the Xtremes team that inspired you to come across?
I’ve always wanted to be a part of a team that was working to better serve the community as a whole and supported each other. The fact that the team is led by Lagby is just gravy. I was with Lagby on a team previously and I have been his moderator from (almost) the very beginning, so I was excited to follow him to the Xtreme team as well. I don’t stream regularly enough to be on the main team, but I’m honored and proud to be a member of Xtreme Citizens.

Have you ever had a bad experience while streaming?
I’ve had a bit of trolling but they were quickly shut down with either my actions or my moderator’s actions. I didn’t address them in stream at all, simply banned the words they were repeating and timed out the users till they didn’t show up anymore. The best way to shut down trolls is to have reliable and competent moderators. And I could write whole paragraphs, or a novella about what makes a good moderator, so I’ll leave that for another time. lol

If someone comes into your channel while you’re streaming, what makes them a great viewer?
I love all of my viewers but a GREAT viewer is someone who comes by to show support no matter what I’m streaming, someone who doesn’t come for the game, but rather cause they like hanging out with me. I love having someone to talk to while I stream. I haven’t yet developed the skill of talking to myself while streaming, so having someone to talk to really helps me loosen up.

WoW – still an awesome MMORPG

We all get streaming slumps, and quiet days – how do you deal with it?
Streaming slumps and quiet days all comes with the territory of a streamer. My advice is, if you aren’t feeling up to streaming, and you know you aren’t going to be as entertaining or talkative as usual, don’t stream. Streaming is just gaming with an audience. Sometimes you don’t want an audience and that’s ok. Take your health, both mental and physical into account before committing to a set schedule or even if you need to take a break from streaming for a while, IT’S OK! Your friends, viewers, fans, aren’t going to hate you, they’ll want what’s best for you.

As a member of the Xtremes team, you are responsible for upholding our brand ethics and reputation, has this changed your attitude to the way you stream or affected you in any way?
Well, I’ve always had an ethical standard for my stream. While I do curse from rage regularly, I don’t talk badly about other streamers and I keep political and religious unrest from making my chat all murky with hatred. Being a part of the Xtremes team hasn’t changed the way I stream, but it has made me proud to show the Xtremes logo on my channel.

How would you like the Xtremes team to grow?
I don’t know about it growing to such volumes as sponsorship or anything, that sounds awesome, but at the same time it would open the door for a lot of variables that my mind can’t sort out right now. Lol

I just want to say that it’s amazing that such a group of like-minded individuals have managed to find each other and group up into a team that’s not only there to help the streamers, but the viewers, the fans, the lurkers, and everyone in between. I’m so honored to be a part of this team and to be amongst my friends and streaming family this way. When I first started watching streams I never thought I’d start doing them myself, and now I’m in a group with great names, like Lagby, Firebottle, Rival_Laura, Kitty_haz_claws, and SO many more. It’s an amazing feeling to know that these innovators thought that I was a good fit for the team. Thank you guys, and thank you StreamBritish for the interview, it was a pleasure. <3

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