Beam Support

Beam Support allows you to display a graphical popup on your stream video when you shout someone out in beam chat. It will display the recipients username, avatar, and a URL to their stream. A neat way to show someone a little extra attention, especially on VODs. Example !support Navi_Ilivas would make a popup for Navi appear.

1. Copy the URL below.
2. Edit the username in the URL to match your username.
3. Edit the timer to adjust the number of seconds to show the popup.
4. Edit the command to match your !support chat command.
5. Paste the completed url into your OBS or XSplit browser plugin.
6. Adjust width of popup from within OBS or XSplit to match your needs.

Username = Your username.
Timer = Seconds to show popup. 1000 = one second.
Command = The chat command you’ll use to trigger the alert.

Copy, edit, and paste into browser plugin: